Who Shot JR?

So, this is a question that people ask, and the fact that people ask it says some things about how people work, so I'm gonna say »

Lissajous Diagrams

I've made a few different lissajous diagrams now, but initially it took me a while to figure out what was going on. When I googled for »

America by the numbers

The following are metrics illustrating my recent trip to the U.S. Steps walked: 138,824 Distance walked: 102.60km States: 4 (MA, RI, CT, and »

America! (fuck yeah)

I'm on a holiday in America at the moment. Flew into Boston on Monday morning, spent Monday and Tuesday walking around MIT, downtown Boston, and Harvard. »

My maths is wrong

I started thinking about a way to encode lossless music that would be a much lower size than wav encoding. Obviously, I should spend my time »