Lissajous Diagrams

I've made a few different lissajous diagrams now, but initially it took me a while to figure out what was going on. When I googled for explanations, they were all »

America by the numbers

The following are metrics illustrating my recent trip to the U.S. Steps walked: 138,824 Distance walked: 102.60km States: 4 (MA, RI, CT, and NY. ME too if »

America! (fuck yeah)

I'm on a holiday in America at the moment. Flew into Boston on Monday morning, spent Monday and Tuesday walking around MIT, downtown Boston, and Harvard. I absolutely freaking love »

Right, well, I'm shit at blogs

So, I intended to write on this blog quite often, and I've totally failed. My last post was over 6 months ago. Since then I have done some things, which »

Midem Music Hack Day

I'm at the Innovation Factory at Midem, about to watch the hackers demo what they've been working on over the weekend. I've seen some awesome things. Leap motion Bieber swatting »

People can afford to live in San Francisco?

This'll be a quick post this evening. So I was checking out things to do for the summer, and I thought it'd be cool to have a look at working »

My maths is wrong

I started thinking about a way to encode lossless music that would be a much lower size than wav encoding. Obviously, I should spend my time researching FLAC rather than »

I'm awake at 3:40 am

Not burning the candle, but doing it at both ends I'm writing a blog post now at ridiculous o'clock. According to the codeoclock api, it's still Code O'Clock. It doesn't »